Friday, April 15, 2011

Crazy Busy Week

It has been a bit of a rough and rather frustrating week. It all started last Friday morning I managed to break both of our computer monitors. Everyone says it was just random, regardless it was frustrating. I ended up having to move my hubby's computer to the living room and hook it up to our flat screen TV. I was too afraid my computer was what caused the monitors to die. Unfortunately, EVERYTHING I need to function in my business was on MY computer. I spent hours downloading embroidery software and transferring embroidery files. I was really lucky that I had recently backed up all my embroidery designs to an external hard drive. It was still a long and tedious process.

Then, Parker became sick...really sick. He had been having a runny nose and was sneezing a lot a few days prior, but I chalked it up to teething. He didn't even have much of a fever. He started coughing, scary coughing and weird breathing. I decided to take him to urgent care, they looked at him for a couple minutes and determined that he had strep and started him on antibiotics. The Dr said the cough maybe from the junk running down his throat irritating him. These are the times I wish Parker's pediatrician was available, I trust his ped 100%.

The coughing became worse the next morning so we took Parker to the ER. I should have just took him there the day before. They confirmed strep, but found through a chest x-ray that he had pneumonia too. They doubled his original antibiotic dose and we went back home for steam showers and rest. Good thing is that he is feeling much better now.

The worst part of all of this was my mother in law was in town to visit Parker and he spent most of the time sleeping or at the ER. I felt so bad she didn't get to spend more time with him.

Waiting to see the doctor in the ER.

Getting ready for his x-ray's.

The x-rays were quite traumatic on the little guy, he passed back out after them.


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