Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm 8 now what?!?

Taking pictures is getting tough! We have finally gotten to the point where Parker won't stay still for very long.

At 8 months...

weight: 18 lbs 11 oz
height: 28 inches
clothing size: 12 months


Photobucket starting to lose some of the baby rolls, he had a pretty good growth spurt, lengthwise, this month

...still NO teeth, though I will give him a toothbrush each morning so he can practice brushing hit it against the wall and play with it.

...Parker army crawls like crazy, everywhere! He tries to follow the kitties around.

...we had to lower his crib mattress because he is now pulling himself up in his crib.

...can stand a few seconds on his own.

...will scoot slowly around the coffee table.


...can drink out of a straw! May not be that big of a deal, but I thought it was pretty cool.

...bangs toys together, he LOVES the noise he makes when he does this.

...says, "dada" and "mama" and definitely knows what he is saying.

...we recently realized(the past couple days)that Parker loves anything with wheels.


...Parker is still not eating much in the way of solids. We have tried just about every flavor of everything, even what we are eating and still nothing. If he does eat solids it's usually bananas or mixed berries and maybe 3 or 4 tiny bites at each sitting. We have tried giving him thicker things and even solids like a cracker, but this boy has some MAJOR gag reflex.

...babbles like crazy.

...his hair is really starting to get thick and long!


...started pulling at his hair when he's upset.

...loves when I show him pictures of other babies in some of the blogs I read. He will start talking to the monitor when he sees the pictures.

...has the best disposition, even when he is really sick he will find a way to smile and be happy.


...loves to cuddle.

...likes to play his little piano.

...sings to himself all the time when he is playing in his room.


...loves the swimming pool.

...does not like sunglasses, or his swimming boat floaty thingy.


...loves to blow raspberries in the water.


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