Monday, March 25, 2013

Eliana is 5 months old!

I'm so behind on this milestone post for Eliana! I don't even know where the last month went. I don't feel like I did very much. I couldn't believe that I'm already saying Eliana is 5 months old and now she is almost 6 months!

Current stats:
Weight: approx 15lbs (25-50th percentile)
  Height: approx 26.4" long (75-90th percentile)
Clothing size: Wears 3-6mo and 6-12 month
Shoe size: size 1 (she can finally fit into shoes)

 photo 5monthsold_zps85f82f31.jpg

 photo 5monthsold2_zpsf846c6b4.jpg

Eliana @ 5 months... sitting unassisted!! We still put pillows around her just in case since it's all hardwood floors here. 
... can switch from sitting to laying on her belly and I don't mean she falls forward. She will actually move herself from sitting to "trying to crawl" position. 
...can stand while holding onto stuff. 
...tries to crawl, but hasn't put everything together quite yet. I'm not ready for her to crawl. I would like her to be less mobile for a little longer, lol. 

 photo 5monthsold7_zpsdd73e443.jpg

 photo 5monthsold5_zps615fa7cf.jpg starting to get upset when things are taken away from her. By object, I mean screaming loudly at you.
...still has no teeth, but I'm think soon?!? Seems to be teething like crazy, but nothing visible yet. 
...she has a pretty set routine for the day and doesn't like to sway from it at all. She is a lot like Parker was at this age. 
 photo 5monthsold3_zps55b2e034.jpg 

 photo 5monthsold4_zps97cd4c58.jpg

 photo 5monthsold9_zpsae7c4595.jpg

...starting once again on solids, slowly. She kept throwing up when we were giving her solids before, so we decided to wait. Since 4 months, Eliana has shown a big interest in what I'm eating and wanting to eat as well. We are hoping this time around, her tummy will be a little more accepting. 
...since Eliana is sitting very well, she is now able to use her bath ring to take baths. She loves it! Parker does too, lol. 

 photo 5monthsold8_zps889472b6.jpg

I can't believe how much she changed in just a couple of weeks! Her personality is in full bloom, she is becoming mobile. Next month we have decided to throw her a "1/2 birthday" party! Just family, but we thought it would be fun. Stay tuned for some pictures from that :)

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