Friday, March 8, 2013

Parker is two and a half!!

I seriously wanted to post this last Friday, as that is when Parker officially turned 2.5 years old! He such a little man now, and in full blown terrible two's. Parker, though good 95% of the time, can drive you pretty crazy. That 5% is enough some days to put you in the looney bin. Just kidding, but seriously he is one strong willed little guy.

 photo ParkerandEliana4_zps640ea833.jpg

Current stats:
Weight: approx 27lbs (10-25th percentile)
  Height: approx 34" long (5th percentile)
Clothing size: Wears 3T/4T clothing
Diapers: Potty training!!
 photo ParkerandEliana2_zps9f8175e8.jpg

Parker has really been changing the past few months. He has such a HUGE vocabulary, he's nearly fully potty trained and he learning some social skills since we are around kids a lot more than he ever has been. Parker is still adjusting to the move. He will ask to see people he is used to seeing regularly and doesn't understand why he can' Grandma and Grandpa. Thankfully, Vanessa has been keeping in constant touch with them via Skype. 

 photo Readingstories7_zps74b96ae4.jpg

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Parker @ 2.5 years old...

...loves to ride the "bus choo choo" and the Metro. I thought we would be more sedentary with having to use public transport to get around. In fact, it's been the exact opposite. We still go out all the time. We have a park about a 2 minute walk from our house, stores that are a quick bus ride away, and friends that we visit pretty frequently. So happy that we didn't have to do this relocation alone. 

...sleeps in his own room once again. We finally put his new beds together. We decided to let him have his own room right now. It's decorated in all cars/trains. It works better to have Eliana in our room anyway. 

 photo ParkerandEliana3_zps313ff912.jpg potty training and nearly 100% trained. We are working on getting him to go potty when he is fully dressed wearing undies. If we let him run around naked he never has an accident, not even poop. We don't have to continually ask him if he has to go potty. He just runs to the potty on his own and goes. He will even hold it through the night, but we have to be diligent on getting him to the potty first thing.  Being out and about is a little different (basically any time he is wearing clothing.) Parker doesn't seem to get the concept of taking of his pants and undies to go. So that is our next step. 

...still naps once a day, usually about 2-3 hours, thank goodness!
...favorite drinks are water and milk.
...favorite foods are apples, pizza, french fries, bananas, and yogurt. 
...favorite toys are still his cars and trains.
...when Parker sleeps he has to have Scout, Lucy (his glow worm,) Toby, and a handful of cars/trucks/trains.
...loves not having to be in his carseat, but quickly disliking the stroller. 
...loves the snow. Parker calls it the "snowman."
...speaks in full sentences, and asks a lot of questions. It's so cute how much he talks.
...counts to 11, in English...hahaha! 
...recognizes the colors yellow, red, black, white, blue and orange.
...says "Bonjour," "Si vous plais" and "Merci." So he is starting to catch on to a little French. 

 photo 22813_zpsed2712f8.jpg still very cuddly. Although he is going through a tough "independent" stage, he still needs his momma. I'm still working on those cues, because I think not having 100% attention is the biggest trigger to some of his behavior issues.

...loves his sisters! He's very close to Vanessa, but he's loving the attention Eliana is starting to give him. Eliana just adores him. She watches his every move and Parker can really make her laugh.
 photo snowplay9_zps468b01d8.jpg

Parker is becoming an amazing little guy. How I ever exist without him. I love you so very much, my little Prince :)

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