Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wittle People Wednesday: Crawling soon?

Linking up with Ashley Sisk for Wittle People Wednesday 

 photo Bluesandbows_zpsb886c88b.jpg

I bought this bow a couple weeks ago and I finally had something that she can wear to match it. Unfortunately, Eliana has discovered how to take them off. She's good, I couldn't really take any photos of her wearing it.

 photo Bluesandbows4_zpsaad5d98f.jpg
She also has been starting to get on her knees more. Maybe she will be crawling soon? Who knows, I'm hoping that she stays non-mobile for a little longer.
 photo Bluesandbows3_zps190baadf.jpg  photo Bluesandbows2_zps4f21dc04.jpg


  1. How adorable is she? And those piercing blue eyes? Cuteness!! Yup, she's definitely gonna be crawling soon. Oh the adventures that awaits... ;)


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