Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

My new goal for my blog is the post a couple times throughout the week. I used to participate in, "Scavenger Hunt Sunday," when Parker was little and slowly I stopped doing it. I'm a little late posting for this week, but it will be a post that I strive to do each week.

1. Walking

 photo atthepark-1_zps31865339.jpg
We are finally getting some "non-jacket" wearing weather. I enjoyed the snow, but it is nice to be able to go outdoors without spending 45 minutes getting everyone ready. Eliana enjoyed her first time sitting with Parker in the wagon. She kept trying to lay on him.

2. Yummy To My Tummy

 photo atthepark4_zpsa3669d59.jpg
 photo atthepark5_zps429d8c66.jpg

At the park I let Eliana explore her surroundings. She was a little afraid at first and wasn't wanting to sit in the grass, but she warmed up after a few minutes.

3. Favorite Toy

 photo 25weeksold2_zps2dd016c9.jpg
I don't know if Eliana has a true favorite toy yet. I know she recognizes a lot of her toys. One item she likes to grab any time she has a chance, is my camera lens cover. 

4. What I Did This Week

 photo atthepark12_zps48976315.jpg
 Parker kept asking for me to put Eliana in the "tunnel" with him when we were at the park. 

5. Anything

 photo mustachebaby_zpse1298f56.jpg

 photo DSC_1195_zpsb69c5cc4.jpg
I wanted to share this photo last week, but it ended up being a busy weekend. Eliana is just too much in the first picture! This is what she looks like when she gets angry at me. The second picture to me is absolutely precious, I never want to forget these little baby hands and feet.

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