Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eliana's 6 months old!

This is such a fun age and probably my favorite. They are still not quite mobile, but are becoming a little more independent.

 Current stats: 

Weight: 15lbs 6oz (25-50th percentile) 
Height: 25.78" long (25-50th percentile) 
Head circumference:  16.65" (25-50th percentile)
Clothing size: Wears 9mo & 6-12 month 
Shoe size: size 2 

 photo 6months9-1_zpsf4ba2e7c.jpg

At 6 months Eliana, 

 ...sits perfectly without support. 
 ...can scoot around the room while sitting. She can really get around if she is sitting on the hardwood. 
...babbles, screams and laughs so much and I'm pretty sure she has said mama a couple times. 
...she is at that age where Parker has fun sitting with her playing. They interact with each other and Parker will sing to her and play peek-a-boo. 

 photo 6months-1_zps0043593b.jpg

 photo 6months2-1_zpsc4d2e69e.jpg

 photo Eliana6months2_zps3d69f357.jpg ...we have started solids again. She struggles with the taste/texture of any of the baby cereals, so we moved on to fruits. She eats solids maybe every other day usually at dinner. I think I'm going to start giving them to her at breakfast as well. She eats extremely pureed bananas and apples so far. Any sort of texture and she gags and throws up.

...no teeth yet. She might be taking after Parker and will wait until 10 months until one pops up.

 photo 6months4-1_zps68858915.jpg 
 photo 6months7-1_zps277cdbe1.jpg
 photo 6months5-1_zps70474aed.jpg
 photo Eliana6months10_zps39353751.jpg

..she has discovered the kitty. I feel so bad for our cat, but he has such great patience with the little one's.
...she has discovered that if you bang two toys together it makes a loud sound, and she loves it.

 photo 6months6-1_zps5fa37bb5.jpg photo 6months3-1_zpsf3ad8618.jpg All around Eliana is such a happy baby. She is so smiley, and her temperament is pretty easy going. How did I get blessed with 3 beautiful and wonderful kids. Happy 6 months baby girl!

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