Friday, August 2, 2013

31-ish Days of Parker: A first glimpse

I found out January 17th 2010, that our family would become a family of four. I think I took over 20 tests because I was so excited! I can still remember the morning I took the pregnancy test. I couldn't believe I was holding a positive test and I remember jumping onto the bed to wake up Nolan and show him. Crazy that it has now been over 3 years since that morning, it feels like it was just yesterday. 

 photo positiveHPT1-19-10_zps405ce271.jpg

A women's body is truly amazing. Something so tiny, at one time he was just a little blip, and he has changed our  lives forever. 

 photo babyus2_92_zps625da3b9.jpg

This is one of my favorite belly photos from my pregnancy with Parker. Believe or not, I love being pregnant! My body, however, doesn't feel the same way.

 photo 19weekbump_zpsb49c044e.jpg

My favorite ultrasound of my little prince. I remember when the tech talked about the cord being wrapped around his neck and how it was completely normal. I would rather not have heard something like that. I love how clear you could see his face though.

 photo 28weekultrasound2cropped_zpsd6832450.jpg

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