Tuesday, August 6, 2013

31-ish days of Parker: Silly things he says!

Yes, yes...I know, I have missed a couple days of posting for this, but I'm hoping to get back on track.

I know I have shared this before, but Parker is a pretty silly little guy. Since he started to talk, he began to say some of the funniest and cutest things. As his speech becomes more and more pronounced his sayings get sillier and cuter.

 photo IMG_2406_zpsd69f46b9.jpg

Just today Parker was playing with his cars and shouting, "Choo-Choo!" Over and over and over. Finally, daddy tells him to use his inside voice. Parker responds, "but I'm singing the choo-choo song!"

 photo IMG_2422_zpse01338a5.jpg

Recently, Daddy started playing the "Guess what" game with Parker. Basically, Daddy asks Parker, "Guess what?" In which Parker responds, "What?" Daddy says, " I love you." For the first time the other day Parker reversed the role and asked daddy, "Guess what?" It was so cute to hear him be so sweet.

 photo ebd7ec71-2504-41dd-a501-e68ae0184cb3_zps45043927.jpg

As you can imagine dirty diapers and potty's aren't that uncommon in our household, but having a willing person change said diaper or clean out the potty is another story. All of a sudden it seems like everyone is REALLY busy once Parker or Eliana poop. So we adopted the, "Not it" game. I bet you know how this one is played. A couple weeks ago, after Parker went poop on the potty, he walked out of the bathroom and yelled, "not it!"

 photo IMG_2672_zps8c2065e2.jpg

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