Friday, August 9, 2013

31-ish days of Parker: First year favorites!

I just couldn't resist going back to Parker's first year and posting some of my favorite pictures! It was so much fun to see how much he changed.

 Parker 1st month:
 photo parker_zpsa71ff1db.jpg

Parker's 2 month:

 Parker had a HUGE growth spurt his first month!

 photo 7weeks_zps967f396d.jpg

Parker's 3rd month:

 photo 3rdmonth_zpsfb53b552.jpg

Parker's 4th month:

 photo 4thmonth_zps221985f8.jpg

Parker's 5th month:

 photo octomonster_zps4373e794.jpg

Parker's 6th month:

 photo 24weeksold3_zpsa0df4502.jpg

Parker's 7th month:

 photo 6months6_zps1ab30ba5.jpg

Parker's 8th month:

 photo readingtime7_zps207c2dc3.jpg

Parker's 9th month:

 photo DSCF9370_zps85cafd20.jpg

Parker's 10th month:

 photo allstargame3_zps5c832b23.jpg

Parker's 11th month:

 photo happybabyboy4_zpsac73cfb7.jpg

1 year old!!

 photo 1yearpage_zpsbc66c67b.jpg

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