Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 months old and counting.....

I'm taking part of a photo challenge being hosted by The Paper Mama

The Paper Mama

This month was another exciting month, life is so good. I'm so happy and so proud to be mommy to this little guy. I'm excited about what is ahead but also sad because I know how fast it goes by. He grows so much every day. Right now he is going through the 3 month growth spurt but it hasn't been as bad as what some of my friends went through with their little ones. He is just sleeping and eating a lot more. He holds his head up very well, and when on his tummy he can scoot himself around. He is trying to roll but hasn't quite figured that one out. He hits around the toys on his floor mat and grabs for them. He knows his feet exist and is trying to grab them.

We have started to get a good idea of some of the things he loves and those he doesn't like so much.

What Parker loves:

His baths or showers
To cuddle with his mama
His kick piano....was suppose to be a Christmas present but we couldn't wait
His changing table..I think he likes being naked
His hands
Victoria Secret Supermodels....yes one of the only times he watched the TV for more than a few seconds is during the recent fashion show they had on TV
His exersaucer
Getting daddy ready for work
Seeing his sister after school

What Parker dislikes:

His car seat
Tummy time
His reflux medicine

So many firsts this month, the biggest is how much he talks now. If you will listen he will chat your ear off and he is so smiley all the time. He does the silent laughing but only belly laughs out loud in his sleep.

1st movie-Tangled 11/25/2010
1st play-The Nutcracker 11/26/2010
1st Thanksgiving 11/25/2010
1st fancy restaurant- Olive Garden 11/26/2010
1st hike 11/20/2010


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    Your son is adorable!! I am also a breastfeeding, baby wearing, organic baby food making mama:)

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday for my SITS day! Your little guy is so adorable! :D


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