Friday, December 31, 2010

Look at Me...I'm 4 months old!

4 months old 1

Sometimes it takes me a full day to figure out what to say in a blog post. I will write a sentence or two and then walk away and think of something else and write more. Today is one day that I'm happy I'm a slow thinker, while daddy and I were playing Scrabble you rolled over for us. I'm so happy daddy was there to see you roll for the first time. He is so very proud of you!

Your smile makes my day so much better. You laugh and it brings a joyful tear to my eye. My little Prince you are growing fast.

Showing off his long legs and pouty face.

4 months old 1


You laughed out loud for the first time on 12/26/2010
Your first tooth came through on 12/25/2010
You rolled tummy to back for the first time on 12/31/2010
You experienced your first Christmas and New Year's(well that will be tonight)
You flew on your first flight on 12/24/2010

I will update the blog with his height & weight after his Dr's appointment next Monday. Last time we weighed him on the Wii fit he weighed over 15lbs and when we
measured him he was around 25"


Parker had his 4 month checkup today and is weighing in at 16lbs 1oz and is 24.5" long.


Just saying Hi!

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