Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (23/365)

1. Memories
I went the route of taking a picture of a picture I had when I was younger. This was a fond memory of mine. We were on vacation in California, my first time to Disneyland and the night before my Aunt Dee painted my nails. I'm sort of a nail biter so I didn't paint my fingernails...ever, but I loved how pretty my nails looked in this photo.

2. Silhouette
silhoutteParker is addicted to these swings. It's funny because he couldn't stand being in the baby swing. I'm guessing he has a lot more to look at when we are outdoors.

3. Doorway(s)
doorwayI struggled with this one. This week I wrote down all the scavenger hunt items days ahead of time, which I hadn't been doing. We have a boring doorway and so does everywhere we visited the last couple of days. I went everywhere looking for a doorway picture. I love this photo but it's a little bit of a stretch for the "doorway" assignment. This was right before Parker and daddy slid down the slide. Parker is still a little scared of slides, so he wasn't too happy a few seconds after this shot.

4. Reflections
I love my crazy cat! I knew that this was the picture I wanted to use the moment I saw him doing this.

5. Silver
This is a ring holder I bought for my daughter a few years ago. It was the cutest holder I had ever seen. I found him stashed in the back of her closet a few weeks ago and rescued him from the clutter.

1 comment:

  1. I love so so many of these but your cat drinking from the sink is perfect. Love that!


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