Monday, January 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (week 19, 17/365) POTW

Another week has gone by and on top of that today marks the one year anniversary of me finding out I was pregnant with Parker. What an amazing journey we have been through together this past year.

I was having troubles figuring out pictures for "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" so I'm a little late posting mine.

1. A Different View

I realize this is not the best picture. I only had the time it takes for the stoplight to turn green to capture a good picture...and yes I do have a HUGE crack in my windshield.


The Paper Mama

2. Looking Up

Parker has already learned to roll from belly to back and is now practicing back to belly. He caught me taking pictures. I also chose this picture for my picture of the week. It's amazing how much he changes in just a week.


3. Abstract

I was stuck on what to use for my abstract photo then tonight I found my cat playing with my sewing pins and it struck me that it would make a interesting photo.


4. Hair

Trying to take my day 17 photo with Parker when he decided to grab my hair.


5. Half

This was another challenge for me. I was trying to find something different then what a lot of other people had already done. I had pretty much given up and started to get Parker ready for a bath when his shirt became stuck on his head, it struck me that this would be perfect.


He was having more fun than me with this....



  1. These are all so sweet! Love the "half" shot.

  2. I actually really like each of your shots and your first two shots are my favorite. With the first shot, it may be busy but I like the dynamic. Great work!

  3. Your looking up shot is really cute!
    I like your "a different view" shot as well!


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